Fanelo Aguayo, "Waiting", oil.

Fanelo Aguayo

FANELO AGUAYO has been making films for two decades in Spain, Boston and New York City. But he has…

Betsy Mirabelli, "Winter Silence," watercolor.

Betsy Mirabelli

Betsy Mirabelli, "Winter Silence," watercolor.

Lisa Cohn, "Lush", photography.

Lisa Cohn

I purchased my first camera, a Minolta XG-A in college and have had an on again/ off again relation…

June Fisher-Markowitz, "Les Madames de Fauves", watercolor.

June Fisher-Markowitz

I have been involved with art most of my life and one of my earliest memories is getting a Jon…

Susan Brown, "Beech Tree", watercolor.

Susan P. Brown

Susan focuses on watercolor and drawing. She has studied at The Art Students League in NYC with Sherry…

Joanne Petuchovas, Batik Card, mixed media.

Joanne Petuchovas

Joanne Petuchovas studied Fine Arts Education, but began her career in commercial art when everything…

Anne Paule Picker, "Mayan Children", Oil.

Anne Paule Picker

Anne began studying art with her aunt who was an art teacher when she was 7 or 8. Throughout…

Maia Kumari Gilman, "Cambrian", Mixed Media on Canvas.

Maia Kumari Gilman

I am an architect who loves to paint and to write. I work with acrylic and mixed media, on…

Marie Burns, "Bon Appetite", Mixed Media, Photography/Acrylics.

Marie Burns

I have displayed my work through New Jersey at juried shows and local art fairs. I have gone to…

Edward Schuh, "Fall Clean Up", Watercolor.

Edward W. Schuh

Artist, illustrator, teacher with over 40 years of experience.

Larry Kerner, Sussex Cty., N.J. Sunflowers, Photography.

Larry Kerner

Hiking and camping while young brought Larry into the grandeur of nature and respect for…

Sally Abbott, "Pacific Sky", Acrylic.

Sally Abbott

Student, Collector, Curator, Board Member, Art Volunteer and Fundraiser, Painter Through a lifetime of…

David Axelrod, "Instrument to Measure Spring", Assemblage. Selected for the Morris Arts Juried Show "Rites of Spring".

David Axelrod


Gail Logan,   , Watercolor.

Gail Logan

Gail Logan started to paint after her husband gave her some watercolor paints as a Christmas present.…

Frank McDonough, Daffodil, Mosaic.

Frank McDonough

A native from New Jersey, mosaic artist and custom tile maker as well as a singer/songwriter and visual…

Ellie Culver, "Science Building at Delbarton", Watercolor.

Ellie Culver

Watercolor is Ellie’s medium of choice. However, in early 90’s she learned the art of tile…

Monique Hendricks, Baby Elephant, Acrylic.

Monique Hendricks

Swiss-born Monique Hendricks, a longtime painter of abstracts, discovered a passion for figurative art…

Noreen Brunini, Dahlia, Watercolor.

Noreen Brunini

Noreen Brunini’s medium is watercolor; her works have won Awards of Excellence with the NJ…

Suzanne Casterli, "Afternoon Tea in the Garden", Acrylics.

Suzanne Casterlin

Suzanne has been interested in art and painting since a child. Her approach to painting is…

Yolanda Fundora, Sunday Stroll in Grand Rapids, Digital.

Yolanda Fundora

Yolanda Fundora was born in Havana, Cuba. She grew up in New York City, studied at the College of…

Ann Frommer, Karlovy Vary, Photography.

Ann Frommer

From an early age, Ann wanted to become a writer or an artist; however it was put on hold while …

Nancy Kingman, To the Sea, Oil.

Nancy Kingman

  Nancy Kingman enjoys being outdoors and finds inspiration for her paintings in nearby parks and…

Helena Axelrod, "Summer Riot", Monotype with Chine-colle.

Helena Axelrod

Helena Axelrod is an award winning New Jersey artist who has returned to her early love of art after…

Philla Barkhorn, Killer, Oil.

Philla Barkhorn

Philla Barkhorn grew up in Summit, NJ. Her grandfather, Peter Helck, was a renowned illustrator. An…

Harriet Kushins, Rhythm of Nature, Photography.

Harriet Kushins

The camera lens captures our surroundings and permits me as an observer and photographer to provide an…

Celeste Fondaco, Peonies, Oil.

Celeste Fondaco

Celeste has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a pencil and has painted as a hobby for…

Magdalena Urbankova, "Peaceful", oil, 18x24".

Magdalena Urbankova

Magdalena Urbankova was born in Prague, in already non-existent country of Czechoslovakia, now Czech…