President:                          position available

Secretary:                         June Fisher-Markowitz

Treasurer:                          Helena Axelrod

Exhibits:                            Rosemary Howlett, Celeste Fondaco

Hospitality:                        Alison Hooper & Sharon Remlinger

Membership:                     Harriet Kushins

Member Directory:            Celeste Fondaco

Newsletter:                        Nancy Kingman

Programs:                         Lidia Bendelic

Publicity:                           Ann Frommer

Website:                            Nancy Kingman, Magdalena Urbankova

Lundt-Glover Gallery:        Ann Frommer

High School Liaison:         Philla Barkhorn

Showcase:                        Larry Kerner

The board meetings are scheduled on monthly basis. All members are welcomed to join us at the meetings.

If you are interested in volunteering your skills for ALC, please contact us via the contact form.